Science Lab

The newly constructed School science lab has general equipments related to science syllabus up to class X. Students from class VI to X perform experiments related to science in the laboratory. Students of class I to V are shown the equipments related to their lesson in the class rooms by the teacher. Pupils perform experiments related to three branches of science i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Equipments available are as follows:
  • Equipment Related to Biology: Microscopes, Slides, Specimens, Needles, Forceps, Medicine Dropper, Skeleton (Fiber) with stand, Models, Cover Slip and Various Charts.
  • Equipment Related to Physics: Prism, Glass Slabs, Mirrors, Magnets, Drawing Boards, Ammeter, Voltmeter, Pendulum, Lenses, Solar Cooker, Spring Balance & Electric Motor
  • Equipment Related to Chemistry: Acids, Bases, Litmus Papers, Funnels, Beakers, Flasks, Pipette, Burette, Iron Stands, Burners, Thermometer, Tripod Stand, Testing Solutions and Various Chemicals.
  • The Science lab is fully equipped with gas connection and water supply
  • Various models and charts are also displayed in the laboratory to help students to prepare the practical files.
  • Best projects made by the children in their home assignments are also displayed

Maths Lab

Maths Lab has been made functional which is well equipped with the required material for classes I to X. Charts and models are displayed in the lab to make the subject more interesting and easy to understand.


Subjects like History, Geography, Economics and Disaster Management are covered in the form of models & charts in the SST lab. It is equipped with maps, globe and various other instruments.

English Language Lab

An English Language lab has been established to develop good communication skills among the students.


Computer Lab

Working Classes I - X are imparted computer education. It is endeavored that minimum of one computer is available between two students during practical classes. Computer is a compulsory subject for which the students are tested and graded. The Lab has 25 Computers.